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What's the difference between the systems? Are they better or worse for certain disciplines (trap, skeet, or sporting clays)? Are top shooters using them, or do they hinder performance? Why wouldn't someone get one? Thanks. Guest Guest Post Oct 21, 2005 #2 ... • Grease or Oil for O/U Shotgu

Just kidding, I use Mobil 1 Synthetic oil and grease on all my guns, you get a quart or 14 oz tube for the same price as 1 oz of specially made gun stuff. Top washandwear Post subject: Re: Grease or Oil for O/U Shotgun ...

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And, yes it does trap carbon as you say, which means that I can simply wipe the carbon away as I wipe the old grease away. ... but ultimately when it comes to grease vs oil those of us who know better understand the differences between the two and understand why oil is superior out in the field. For the bench ridden target shooting AR15 go ...

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I have a couple of guns that prefer RIG Stainless Steel grease, and a couple of autoloading 22s that work best with Kroil, but most of mine work best with Marvels, Break Free being second best by a close margin. Note: Marvels Mystery Oil is not described by the company or any other source as a "gun" oil. I have found it works very well, though.

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Even using a grease I always clean my gun after shooting it. But you don't have to check each week that oil is still present if the gun sits in a holster all week if you are using oil. I still like the Birchwood Casey oil as a substitute if the Shooter's Choice grease is not available.

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You've seen glimpses of the brand new Blackstone 36" Griddle Cooking Station with Rear Grease Management System in my previous videos. I finally got around to assembling my own at home. Today, I ...

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Grease interceptors and automatic grease removal devices shall receive waste only from fixtures and equipment that allow fats, oils or grease to be discharged. What is the reason to not require floor drains in food prep areas to connect to a grease interceptor? I can't think of one.

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Grease or Oil on your 1911??? Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting. i have alot of products myself. oil is my middle name. yes i can see the rem oil in extreme temps, but its too thin for me to trust in normal weather. i did note the colts manual said dry lube for extreme cold.

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If you are coming here from the old forum for the first time, you will need to reset you password. ... I would not construe 1003.3.1 to require every floor drain in a commercial kitchen to go thru the grease trap because many of these drains are area drains for IMHO ...

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Do any of you guys use or recommend grease on your 1911 slides, or just a little gun oil? I have heard some people say not to use grease because it...

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Problems With Kitchen Range Hoods Dripping Oil By Angela Baird. SAVE; The purpose of range hoods is to filter elements, such as smoke and grease, and odors out of the air while you are cooking. The fan on the hood pulls air through one or more filters. ... Some models of range hoods have a grease cup or trap. This is designed specifically to ... • Best Gun Greas

While you are correct in that grease does trap small particles, the proper procedure on O/Us is to wipe it off after each use and apply a thin coating of fresh grease prior to the next use. Oil will also will trap dust particles, so you don't get a free pass with it ...

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Trap Shooters Forum. Forums > Trap Shooting Forums > Shooting Related Threads > Recently members have been receiving an email about confirming their account. Do not click the link. ... grease vs oil for slow moving bearings, is oil better than grease for guns, liver grease oil , oil vs grease bearing lubrication,

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2:1 ratio of synthetic motor oil to synthetic ATF is the best lube I’ve found. It’s the same thing as Lucas’s gun oil. 3/4 of a gallon of lube for a max of $25 will last nearly forever and it WORKS. That and some TW25 grease on the heavy load/wear points well get it done. Reply

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Grease, not oil (on bolt actions, not AR-type gas guns!). Use not too much, pretty much anything you can lay your hands on. My personal choice is a white synthetic product, comes in a small plastic syringe with a nozzle that twists 180* to act as a valve.

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Bass Fishing Forums ; Bass Boats & Fishing Equipment ... If you Google "Big Green Fish" and go the their website they have some nice info on reel servicing from bearing oil to grease to tools and cleaners. The Tackle Trap also has a lot of products as well that you could buy. ... What grease and oil works best Theme . View Full Version on ... • grease or o

Board index » Shooting » Shotgun Gunsmithing & Restoration. All times are UTC . grease or oil. ... reason why I use grease on parts such as trunions is b/c this area is not closed to the degree that will effectively trap enough oil to act as a separation barrier to mating parts. ... why wouldn't any ordinary axle grease or oil work just fine ...

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The Leading Glock Discussion Forum - GlockForum. ... Grease Or Oil ? Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by JEDerrick, May 24, 2012. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > May 24, 2012 #1 . JEDerrick ... Grease and Oil will BOTH trap dust/dirt particles. Big thing is to NOT over-lube. Unless you have the Advantage Arms kit.

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After using the Blackstone 36 a few times, I discovered a flaw in the drip edge into the grease trap. The welded bead allows grease to travel behind the grease trap and cause it to leak on the leg and floor. I am on several forums and there are many complaints on this. It would be an easy fix to have a small welded channel instead of a welded bead.

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Anyone else do it? Seems to be working fine with mine. I used to use oil and everytime id take my gun out of the case theres drip marks all over the side. Oil doesnt do you any good if it doesnt stay on the parts, grease stays put. What say you?

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Grease would trap and hold it. The general thought/rule is "If it slides, grease it. If it rotates, oil it" but not with AR bolts because of the dirt/carbon etc. I'm sure either works well (as evidenced by people's experience on here), but that was my understanding for using oil rather than grease...